Windows 11 Lite Pro Grim Immortality XI (22000.652) VIP May 2022

Windows 11 Lite Pro Grim Immortality XI (22000.652) VIP May 2022


Based on Windows 11 Pro 22000.652




This release was supposed to be VIP. However, the release being EXPERIMENATL, Mr @TheMacGyver decided that it be for public. The members downloading it may like to give their feedback about it.
This version is for Folks who are enthusiasts & interested in Experimental Windows Desktop Environment. It has Stripped down Dot Net Framework.
This version is for folks who don’t use Software based on Dot Net Framework 2.0, 3.0 & 3.5. The release is super fast and most reliable. In normal status, the memory consumption does not exceed 1 GB.
The installation size on C drive is below 7 GB.

It is super fast, extremely reliable and flawless, and non-updatable.
Author: @Mr Grimbahir
Architecture: X64
Language: English
Build: 22000.652
Size: 2.11 GB
Compression: ESD
Treatment: Not preactived. You can use the activators on desktop or one of your own choice.
Theme: MSI Red Dragon
Icon: MSI Red Dragon


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(To delete the wallpapers, go to the location (C:\Imoortality.XI) then delete the whole folder or the wallpapers you don’t want)
There are valuable stuff on desktop like activators, tweakers, etc.

This release has been heavily debloated and extremely treated to reduce size of Windows components and features. A huge number of modifications have been applied. Therefore, this release is NON-updatable.

Enabling “Set installation for no TPM or secure boot” OFTEN causes errors (This is a well-known issue in Rufus). I think this is due to the fact that the release is already patched and heavily stripped down, i.e. barebone. Just use “Windows Standard Installation” as in the screenshot:


I have burnt it and tried. Everything is OK.

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Windows 11 Lite Pro Grim Immortality XI (22000.652) VIP May 2022

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