Windows 11 Enterprise 10.0.22622.590 x64 Compact By Kirk Team OS

Windows 11 Enterprise 10.0.22622.590 x64 Compact By Kirk Team OS

Windows 11 Enterprise 10.0.22622.590 amd64 Compact By Kirk



Version/Build: 22622.590
Architecture: x64 (64 Bit)

Updates to Sep 11th, 2022;
.Net Framework 3.5 (including 2.0 and 3.5) enabled
TPM Bypass as well as skips forced login create account
Entirely unattended from Hard drive creation to desktop
Foot print: 5 Gigs of HD space
Ram usage 600 megs in vmware with 2 gigs of ram, will vary as you run and installs
To keep it compact Only app added is 7 ZIP and StartAllBack 3.5.2
Extras folder you will find online installers for Firefox and Edge browsers.
(Use Rufus USB-too Included in extras to make UEFI-bootable)
Activator on Desktop if needed

Update for MS Windows KB5016591
Update for MS Windows KB5017846
Feature enablement for Beta Channel Preview Update KB5015669
Servicing Stack 10.0.22621.440

– Removed Windows Apps and System Apps
Note: system must reboot once before Terminal below will launch
Powershell fully intact
See screenshot below:

Updates Fully working

– Removed Windows Security / Defender / Smartscreen
– Disabled Remote Desktop
– Removed OneDrive
– Disable Telemetry
– Removed Errors reports
– Disable UAC (Never notify)
– Removed WinSxS backup

*****not Touched: Keyboard Languages, Drivers*****

Context menu tweaks:
Show classic context menu desktop
Move to
Copy to
Take ownership
Block with firewall
unblock with firewall
Restart Explorer
Open Terminal

Theme Dlls Patched for third party unsigned themes
System Icons replaced with Arc System Icons
Several Free and Premium Windows 11 Themes to choose from


Spoiler: Screenshots
Setup Generic:

Choose: I don’t have a product key

From this point fully automatic to desktop set for quick install, skipped oobe, skipped first run animation


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