Windows 10 SuperLite (Gaming Edition) x64 + Defender + Win Features Pre-Activated


General Info

VERSION: 1909 / Codename 19H2
OS BUILD: 18363.476
EDITION: Superlite + Defender + Win Features
ARCHI: x64
FORMAT: .iso

The super lite edition has been created for gamers for the SuperLite version of Windows 10 Version 1909 with many lite weight windows that will keep your PC much faster. Testing forced on a minimum of 2 GB of Ram memory!

Updates are disabled till 2030, it will not be change till you click resume. – if you wish to use windows update simply click resume updates. – if you do not like windows update simply leave it paused. or install a Non-updatable version. – “Microsoft Store and apps/Drivers/Language & keyboard/Defenders engine” Still are often updated with windows updates pause.


  • OS build 18363.476
  • Ghost tool case one.6 + 7z
  • Updatable / Non-Updatable
  • Defender / or while not Defender
  • Update .Net Framework four as well as 3/2
  • Enable .Net Framework three.x or Force .Net Framework four
  • Windows recovery (ghost toolbox)
  • Bring back Windows options / or while not Windows options
  • OEM Product key from Microsoft (Enterprise Digital License)
  • Defender Engine Latest counterintelligence updates
  • Antimalware consumer Version four.18.1902.5
  • Engine Version one.1.16500.1
  • Antivirus Version one.305.3192.0

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