Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK v9.0.2 (Money)

Water Sort – Color Puzzle Game APK Review

Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK Game is a super fun game that might look familiar to you if you’ve ever played games such as Ball Sort Puzzle where you have to arrange objects by their colors. This time, you get to sort colorful water.

Game Features : 

  • One finger control.
  • Multiple unique level
  • NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Water Sort – Color Puzzle Game at your own pace!

Gameplay in Water Sort Puzzle is very easy. As soon as you start playing you’ll see a number of glasses with a mixture of colorful water and others that are completely empty. Your mission here is to gradually pour the water from one glass to another until each glass contains a single color. This might sound easy, but as you complete each level, there are more colors to sort and the number of empty glasses decreases.

The controls are simple taps on the screen of your Android. In other words, say there are two glasses on your screen: an empty one and another one with two colors (yellow and orange, for example). If you want to pour the orange liquid into the empty glass, simply tap on the glass with the liquid inside and then the empty glass and so on until you sort the colors.

Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK is a super addictive game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours while you strategically arrange the colorful water inside the glasses.

Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK
Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK
Water Sort Puzzle Mod APK


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Add more levels

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