Stick Warfare Mod APK v11.3.1 (Free skills upgrade)

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike APK Review

Stick Warfare Mod APK Game embarks on an exciting new adventure in Stick Warfare, an entertaining shooting game that stands out for its extremely minimalist graphics . Modern shooter games stand out for having such realistic graphic environments that sometimes it seems as if you were inside a movie. However, sometimes the simplest titles are more fun. This is an excellent example as you can enjoy an extremely entertaining shooting game with the most absolutely simple starting point. Stick Warfare is a fun (and bloody) shooting game with minimalist 2D graphics that are as simple as can be. In fact, they are so simple that its protagonists are classic stickmen. Your mission is to help Stickman to shoot all the enemies in the level.

Stick Warfare Mod APK
Stick Warfare Mod APK
Stick Warfare Mod APK


– Bug Hotfix
– Experimental Multiplayer Support: Armored Strike, Base Infiltration
– 3 New Weapons: 44 Magnum Carbine, MAR-9, MXP-9
– Fixed flame weapons critical damage glitch
– Removed ammo penalty on using pistol/revolver/machine pistol as secondary
– Removed penetration of Humanoid Ally/Enemy units, except explosives, flame weapons, and sniper rifles
– Supports button resizing

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