Siemens FiberSIM 17.1.1 (NX 12.0-1953 Series) x64 + Activator

Siemens FiberSIM 17.1.1 (NX 12.0-1953 Series) x64 + Activator

Free Download Siemens FiberSIM 17 for NX, The nature of fiber-reinforced plastic products requires rapid changes in how analysis, design, and manufacturing are traditionally performed. Unravel the complexities of these materials with the Fibersim portfolio of software.



You can also FREE download Altair SimLab & Multisim Circuit Simulator.

Overview of Siemens FiberSIM 17 Benefits
Experience a concurrent engineering process where analysis and design are performed in the manufacturing process, which is key to developing optimal designs. The open architecture of Fibersim provides a specialized engineering environment to create a composite digital twin in NX, CATIA, or CREO.


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Fibersim software is a powerful add-in for NX, Pro/E, and Catia. It dramatically simplifies the task of designing, analyzing, and manufacturing composite parts by giving engineers the tools to modify, update, and iterate on composite designs quickly. This allows the engineer to work with combinations of material types, fiber orientations, stack-up orders, balance, symmetry, drop-offs, splices, and dart definitions.

The add-in integrates this large set of attributes into the design by automatically creating ply-geometry, assessing ply-level profitability, and providing an excellent analysis and manufacturing data exchange.

Overview of Siemens FiberSIM 17 Features
Manual ply design
Specification driven automated ply design
Simulation- hand lay-up, automated lay-up, forming ply shift
Tools for making a manufacturable design – splicing, darting
Parametric Surface Offset – automated IML surface/solid creation
Increase production development efficiency
Increase efficiency and reduce errors during design change processes
Reduce product cost by identifying performance and production issues up front

Siemens FiberSIM 17.1.1 (NX 12.0-1953 Series) x64 + Activator


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