RaimerSoft RarmaRadio 2.73.2 (Repack & Portable)

RaimerSoft RarmaRadio 2.73.2 (Repack & Portable)


RaimerSoft RarmaRadio is a program for listening and recording Internet TV and radio stations.


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It has a wide range of features, providing comfortable listening to radio stations and convenient recording of broadcast data.

Contains many stations sorted into groups depending on genre, bitrate, network and region.

It has a station search function, automatically downloads information about the songs being played from the Internet, including landscape graphics and lyrics.

Using the program, you can listen to one station, simultaneously record several others, record Internet broadcasting according to a schedule,
and also automatically start recording if a certain song has played. When saving received audio files, it adds tags to them.

RaimerSoft RarmaRadio 2.73.2 (Repack & Portable)


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