My Little Universe Mod APK v1.24.0 (Unlimited Resources)

My Little Universe APK Review

My Little Universe Mod APK Game is a lovely and addictive action and adventure game where you play as a character trying to survive on a small planet. The adventure begins with a forced landing on an unknown planet. While you repair your ship, you’ll also have to discover ways to survive with the resources you find and help your little island grow.

Gameplay in My Little Universe takes place on a small piece of an unknown planet with your broken-down spaceship. Your objective is to restore the ship while making yourself a little place to call home. By chopping down trees (which grow back very quickly), for example, you can gather enough wood to unlock a new piece of land and build something on it. You can build all kinds of structures (market, silo, tool store, etc.) that will help you obtain more raw materials that you can trade for others. With the materials you collect, you can unlock a series of buildings and territories. You can also rebuild your ship and even continue exploring space.

To construct the first few buildings, all you need is the indicated amount of wood. With this, you can expand your territory. Later, you can exchange wood for panels or metal, which you can then use to unlock even more territory. The idea is to constantly produce or collect materials in order to keep your island expanding.

My Little Universe Mod APK is a fun game with simple and addictive controls. This is the perfect game for killing a little free time, where all you have to do is collect wood and casually explore the universe.

My Little Universe Mod APK
My Little Universe Mod APK


– Added planet Egyptium
– Added more tool upgrades
– Added more challenging enemies
– More puzzles & zones to unlock
– Added 6 new dungeons to explore
– Added dynamic lighting in some levels on “High” device settings

Bug Fixes
– Fixed issue with unpickable key
– Fixed issue with rare progress lock in Odysseum
– Added money symbols for different regions
– Fixed dynamic asset loading
– Tweaked balance of Dimidium Uranium resource

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Unlimited Resources

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