Microlern for Swift 1.5 + Activator 4MacOS

Microlern for Swift 1.5 + Activator 4MacOS

Microlern for Swift 1.5 MAS macOS

Learn the Swift programming language and develop apps for your Mac, iOS, tvOS or iPadOS. Learn programming in small lessons with microlearning for Swift: Fast-paced and entertaining.


The lessons were recorded in 2018 using Xcode 9. Since then, the basics of Swift have not changed significantly. However, some of the interfaces shown (the operating system, Xcode) now look a bit different.

– 41 videos in German
– 4 hours running time (approx.)
– Entertaining, well-founded & high quality
– Downloadable code samples to try out
– Individual: Influence the course of lessons by your decisions
– Get new technical terms explained directly in the video if needed

Thanks to Mikrolern for Swift, you’ll get smarter bit by bit. No more poring over dry books. No more watching endless, boring tutorials. Use the microlearning videos as a complete work, watch them one after the other or use them as a handy reference.

Lessons included
– Why Programming?
– Why Swift?
– Install Xcode
– Apple Developer Program
– Create Xcode Playground
– Create Xcode Project
– Variables & Constants
– Strings
– Integer, Double, Floats
– Tuples
– Dictionaries
– Arrays
– Boolean
– if-else
– Optionals
– for-Loop
– While-Loop
– Functions
– Comments
– Xcode Basics
– App: StatusBar Demo
– Any
– Enumerations · Enums
– Switch
– Structures
– Classes
– Extensions
– Guard
– API Availability
– Outlets & Actions (Xcode Interface Builder)
– App: MouseTracking Demo
– Typealias
– Do Try Catch Throw
– LiveView (Xcode Playground)
– SpriteKit
– URLSession
– App: Movement Demo
– iOS TableView
– iOS TabBar
– iOS Sticker App
– Upload App

You don’t have to be a math genius to learn programming. Anyone can learn – and it’s never too early or too late to start.

Microlessons for Swift teach the Swift programming language from Apple. Many lessons use Swift Playgrounds. To follow along with these examples, you’ll need an iPad or Mac. To implement the included app projects, you will need a Mac with Xcode installed.

Note: for the hearing impaired: Unfortunately, the lessons do not have subtitles

Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor
Mac App Store https://apps.apple.com/app/id1252806618


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