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LIMBO – high-quality action-adventure platformer on Android. In the center of the plot – the little boy who went in search of a missing sister and found myself in the darkest place in the Universe – the underworld. The game has won prestigious awards and received many positive reviews from critics from around the world.

Gameplay is a journey through dangerous places of hell, which is depicted as the developers of the gloomy forest, sometimes passing an abandoned factory or an empty metropolis. At all locations is dominated by dark colors, and light are used very rarely and only as a contrast. The main character is presented in the form of a black human silhouette, whose head occasionally one could see two white dots, representing the eyes.

Levels in LIMBO is not the lightest among platformers. At locations full of all kinds of traps and tricky puzzles, and the enemies are scary monsters. To survive in this dangerous place should be to move constantly, to move objects and otherwise interact with the environment. Any, even minor mistake can cost the protagonist life.

Management in the game by pressing the edges of the screen. The left side is for movement, right is for jumping and interaction with objects. For example, to move the box, enough to do a long click in the lower right corner of the screen. Overall, LIMBO – stylish arcade game for mobile devices, which in the Arsenal of a good plot, well considered gameplay and unique visual style.

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Limbo is a puzzle-platformer. The game only uses two buttons in addition to movement controls, one to cause the boy to jump and one for contextual action, such as dragging boxes, pulling levers, or pushing buttons. The boy can grab onto ledges within reach and lower himself from platforms, climb ladders, push and pull objects, and swing from ropes found in the environment.

This Game features a lot of what developer Playdead describes as “trial and death” gameplay, requiring players to die frequently (and gruesomely) to understand the puzzles fully. Limbo has an extremely generous checkpoint system with almost instantaneous reloading, usually bringing the boy back to just before he set off a trap or fell into a chasm, minimizing (but not avoiding) player frustration.

Limbo focuses mostly on physics-based puzzles. These puzzles involve the player pulling or pushing objects with true momentum, affecting fluids, and manipulating electromagnetism and gravity to move objects and the player. The game introduces some different types of puzzles as the game progresses. A frequent puzzle element involves brain slugs, which burrow into the boy’s head and force him to walk forward, leaving him unable to stop or turn around until he walks into a bright light, which harms the brain slug and makes it turn him around to flee back into the dark. When afflicted by a slug, previously benign areas and easily-avoidable hazards turn into horrific obstacle courses and death traps.

LIMBO – the game received a huge number of awards at gaming festivals and exhibitions and was nominated for the “Game of the Year” award. And now you have the opportunity to try this masterpiece on your Android devices.



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