KeyScrambler Pro v3.17 Full Final Version

KeyScrambler Real-time key encryption defeats key-logging
KeyScrambler encrypts every key you type deep in the Windows kernel. It protects your private info against both known and unknown keylogging malware on millions of websites and in hundreds of essential applications.
KeyScrambler Premium
Supports the largest number of apps of all three KeyScrambler editions, besides Windows logon and all Windows Store (Metro) Apps. Now also protects Cloud Storage and Bit-Coin Wallets.


– Empowerment at your fingertips –
What makes KeyScrambler so special for its users

– Never simpler to use
– With a file size of ~1.4 MB, KeyScrambler takes one minute to download, little resources to run, and no user effort.

– Vast protection –
KeyScrambler secures your keystroke data in all major browsers and up to 240+ standalone apps, including online banking and shopping, Facebook and LinkedIn, Email and Windows Logon.

– Never easier to know –
Want to know what KeyScrambler is doing? The unobtrusive overlay and the tray icon on your screen keep you in the know and give you peace of mind.

– Unique defense –
KeyScrambler’s capability to effectively foil attacks by new, unknown keylogging malware and to work seamlessly with most security programs makes it an invaluable tool for online.

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