Works with Windows 95 and up. (1998)

SuperGoo 1.5. Never before could a powerful graphics program such as this cause a user to also burst into peals of laughter! It’s really easy to use, too. All you have to do is load in a picture of you, a loved one, arch nemesis, etc., and have fun with all of the many FUNctions. Your image comes out the other side, made better by you. This is great for working out your mind muscles or just to get the kids off your back for a while. SuperGoo has two main places you can work. One section is called the Goo Room and in it you can digitally liquify an image. Don’t worry about making a mistake. It can easily be remedied with one of the many ways to UNDO an action. There are pretty interesting tools to be found here: twirl, ripple, noise; each of which can be used to totally funkify an image. Face Palette is another section in which you can make your friends or other people go incog-Neato! Add many different facial features or even switch genders on an unsuspecting “loved” one. SuperGoo is a great piece of software that will provide hours of fun and enjoyment for any member of the family, young or old. Why not see what YOU have locked up in your imagination and bulge those brain muscles for all to see? You can also make a movie of your goo.

Art funhouse, part gender blender, part graphics tool, SuperGoo is laugh-out-loud fun. The premise is simple: feed in a photo or start with Abe Lincoln (the default picture), distort and switch features based on SuperGoo’s tools, and out the other side comes a “modified” portrait. Recharge your creative batteries or make kids crack up with silly results.

SuperGoo has two function panels: the Face Palette and the Goo Room. The Face Palette, where clothes, glasses, and features are added and positioned, yields the same kind of results as doodles done during study hall–elongated faces and off-kilter images. Users are given the option of switching between male and female characteristics for the faces, and a steady stream of additions are possible: handkerchiefs, glasses, or beard stubble, for example.

The Goo Room is the place where images get liquefied. While the menu used to save effects isn’t very clear, the dials and switches involved with the manipulations are excellent. There are almost as many ways to undo the changes you’ve made, and the variances themselves are fantastic: “noise” adds ruddy bumps and subtle pixel switching, and “twirl” and “ripple ” can pull hair from waves to mountains.

A simple set of concepts done well, SuperGoo provides ideas as well as images. It’s an accessible entry into the feats–and fun–possible with digital graphic manipulation.



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Activator for Windows N Office AIO

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Kai’s Super Goo 1.5 – Liquid Photo Distortion Tools + Activator

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Activator for Windows N Office AIO

Downloader, Extractor, Rufus, N ISO

Kai’s Super Goo 1.5 – Liquid Photo Distortion Tools + Activator