Grow Castle Mod APK v1.37.11 (Endless money)

Grow Castle – Tower Defense APK Review

Grow Castle Mod APK Game is a tower defense game where players build improvements on their castle while it’s under constant siege by hordes of monsters. Luckily, each time you beat a wave of enemy attack, you’ll earn money. With that money you’ll be able to purchase improvements for your castle.

Game Features : 

  • Online guild system
  • Real-time rankings
  • Hero promotion system
  • Addictive without reason
  • Build your own castle


Improving your castle’s defense system is extremely useful because it’ll add on more life points to your specs, and it’ll also unlock new spaces where you can position your heroes. These heroes are the units that you’ll have to trust in order to defeat monsters.

Among your heroes you’ll find warriors, archers, and several kinds of spell casters. Each hero is capable of using a special ability that you’ll set into motion by tapping them. Warriors, for example, allow you to invoke a group of soldiers that’ll stop your enemies in their tracks. Mages, on the other hand, cause a devastatingly huge amount of damage along all enemy fronts.

Grow Castle Mod APK is an outstanding tower defense game that offers a gaming experience that’s simple, straightforward, but above all fun. The game also includes hundreds of different levels, and of course they’ll get harder and harder to beat as you play.

Grow Castle Mod APK
Grow Castle Mod APK
Grow Castle Mod APK


The dungeon has been added.
Rune system has been added.
A new hero has been added.
Check out the in-game patch notes for more details.

MOD info

Endless money, diamonds and skill points;
Rapid level increase;
Auto battle purchased.

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