GoodTimes 2.1.2 + Crack

GoodTimes 2.1.2 macOS

GoodTimes is a worldwide unique collage solution for all occasions. With other apps a collage is just a collection of pictures, with GoodTimes your photos get a full environment, so the situation can impress even before you look at the first photo. It’s also not just a theme based, app,it brings all the objects, backgrounds and effects to get crazy creative and create your own themes. In fact it is so powerful we have seen pros use it for the craziest things, where phtoshop just won’t do: We have Photographers that plan and test drive full galleries using GoodTimes, with it’s 3D environment, stackable effects and Drag&Drop attitude. We focus on all big topic including vacation, hobbies and of course love. Since 1.3 we added all things you need from the first love over the proposal and the wedding itself to your kids and even own home.

  • Create unique and breathtaking gifts
  • Decorate your place with photos from your good times
  • Share your vacation photos with family and friends
  • Put them on your desk, to keep feeling relaxed
  • Surprise the newly weds with a wedding collage of your photos
  • Think of your love whenever you see your Mac desktop
  • Share the latest party over Facebook or Twitter…
  • Celebrate your new car, hang it on your wall with all the details you got it for
  • Test drive your wall decoration
  • Invite people… more stylish than ever
  • Tease your upcoming photos
  • Carry your memories around on your mobile devices
  • Capture your greatest moments with your friends

What’s New:

Version 2.1

  • Compatible to Apple Silicone Macs (M1, M2 …)
  • Compatible to macOS Ventura

Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or later, Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor
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