Flip Diving v3.5.60 (Unlimited Coins)

Flip Diving v3.5.60 (Unlimited Coins)

Flip Diving APK Review

Flip Diving Mod APK Game is a game where you have to jump into the water from a high point and flip and spin on the way down. That said, you have to be careful because if you land in the water on your back or belly flop, the jump won’t count and you won’t get any points.


The controls in Flip Diving are simple. First you have to press the screen so your character gets strength and jumps. Then, you have to press again to make him flip. The key is to lift your finger up just before coming into contact with the water.

Each time you jump you can get coins. You can use these coins to unlock all sorts of content including new settings, characters, and even new moves. The game’s only ‘problem’ in fact, is that at the beginning, you only have one setting, one jumper, and one move.

Flip Diving Mod APK Game is a pretty original game with a fun gameplay and good graphics. Plus, the physics make for some outrageous jumps.


End of Summer update!
– 4 New Locations: Swamp, Construction Yard, Flooded City & The Bridge!
– 2 new Tricks: Gainer Layout & Reverse
– Freeplay mode now available on two player game mode too!
– Bug fixes
– Visual system and SDK upgrades

MOD info

Each jump gives 5000 coins.

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