Fantasy OS Windows 11 23H2 22631.3085 x64 Preactivated

Fantasy OS Windows 11 23H2 22631.3085 x64 Preactivated

This build made by @PasMater and me…………
Its a build for everyday use, nothing special is removed so we think you will enjoy it………..
Run it first in a VM…………

General Info:
OS Build: Windows 11 x64 23H2
Build: 22631.3085
Arch: x64

Compression: esd
Language: En-US (during installation)
Size: 3.6GB
Author: Jerry_Xristos

Treatment: Windows are activated (Medicines included at desktop folder just in case)

💎Removed features💎​

Most of Windows bloatware Apps
Agent Activation Runtime
AllJoyn Router Service
Cache and temp files
Content Delivery Manager
Dev Home
Embedded Mode
Feedback Hub
Get Help
Kernel Debugging
Location Service
Manual Setup
Map Control
Mail and Calendar
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft family
Microsoft Teams
Retail Demo Content
Skype ORTC
Sleep Study
Speech TTS
Telemetry Client
Text prediction
Windows Mail
Windows Recovery (WinRE)
Windows System Assessment Tool
Work Folders Client
Spell Checking
System Reset for Windows


Automatic Maintenance, Error Reporting, BitLocker, UAC, Ads, Superfetch, Smart screen,
Notifications, Telemetry, Hibernation, Power Throttling, Widgets, Windows defender and much more….
Game mode is ON

💎Build Informations💎​

Only clean installation with this build
TPM bypassed
Microsoft accound bypassed
Power Plan set to High Perfrmance
Tweaks applied
Custom cursors, Themes and Wallpapers
Microsoft Store is working (automatic updates are disabled)
Windows Updates are working (disabled at the moment)
Inside Add-ons you will find a list of browsers to install the one you like ( MEdge is removed)


StartBack AiO 1.0.91
WinaeroTweaker v.1.55
Transparency is set by default
You can find it at folder Programs files(x86)
Nilesoft Shell


Fantasy OS Windows 11 23H2 22631.3085 x64 Preactivated

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