Escape Logan Estate v2.06 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked)

Escape Logan Estate v2.06 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked)

A trip to visit a loved one’s family but cannot return, do you believe it is true? Let Escape Logan Estate tell you it’s true. This is an exciting game based on a funny story and what is more unique than the story is the main setting. Every challenge will be set with a lot of interesting things. Try to experience the charms in this game.




Escape Logan Estate


This game is entertaining to take inspiration from a story. The family intended to visit the Logan Estate, and everything went very smoothly. Until he realized that his own family was separated from each other in the huge forest, this event is huge, and everyone in that family is in a common situation: panic. The vast forest with the castle in the middle, will they be able to find each other?

Challenges are set continuously in Escape Logan Estate with everyone. Players will play the role of one of the three characters in that family, trying to find their loved ones. Facing in front of you is the devil, challenging problems. But fortunately, the three of them all have their own pieces of the map, based on which to find the way back to that villa.

Escape Logan Estate


There are maps available, but each is afraid that they will not resist finding each other. In Escape Logan Estate, all fears are set, and especially the son is not strong enough to do such difficult things. Every successive challenge is set; when giving a challenge, there are instructions on how to do it. Use your intelligence to decode, assemble the puzzle pieces together to overcome the barrier.


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Dozens of quizzes will be given one by one. For example, the challenge of putting a piece of shredded paper to find the next move code or the challenge of matching tiles of the same color to break the fence. After passing, you need to mark your point not to get lost or lose time. Try to stay calm in the face of any challenge and keep your strength up before you burn out.

Escape Logan Estate


With complex challenges out, you need to use your intelligence to be able to solve them smoothly. Some challenges, if too difficult, use the help feature to be able to find the answer. Helping a puzzle piece in a fixed position will make it easier for you to match other puzzle pieces into the corresponding boxes. When you pass a challenge, you will receive rewards such as a right to help or be able to be exempted from performing other difficult challenges.

Escape Logan Estate uses realistic images that clearly depict the personality of each character. The sound is a bit creepy when describing the bizarre scenes that cover this jungle. This combination creates a unique highlight and attracts a huge number of players. A rich story with many suspenseful details, stylized environment make a difference.

Escape Logan Estate

Through this, Escape Logan Estate has been very clever in choosing the right story. Each challenge posed will carry a meaning along with a mysterious decipherment. Conquer the challenges to show your own intelligence and ingenuity.

Escape Logan Estate v2.06 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked)


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