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Corel Painter Essentials provides users with everything they need to paint and manipulate digital images. The product uses a number of
developments previously implemented in the Corel Painter package – the world’s best set of tools for creating illustrations.
Beginning artists and professionals are guaranteed to be delighted with the variety of brushes, pencils, paper textures, etc.

Corel Painter Essentials users are offered two separate workspaces: Drawing & Painting and Photo Painting, the first of which is for
drawing and the second for editing photographs. The Brush Drawer tool lets you quickly find the right brush, and the Color and
Mixer palettes make it easy to pick colors.

An uncomplicated digital art and painting program aimed at home users. Corel Painter Essentials can work in two modes:
painting and working with photos. The program has a convenient selection of brushes with the ability to create a list of
frequently used brushes, a palette for easy mixing and selection of colors, special tools for creating pictures from photographs.
Corel Painter Essentials’ RealBristle painting system enhances the responsiveness of the brush to artist movements and provides the
foundation for digital painting. The program also has many tools that simulate various brushes, a large collection of paper textures.

Among the new features of Corel Painter Essentials are:
• Redesigned interface with two modes of operation: Drawing and Working with photos;
• More convenient choice of brushes with the ability to create a list of frequently used brushes;
• Palette for easy mixing and selection of colors;
• Improved tools for turning photos into paintings;
• Technology Smart Stroke, when using which brush strokes follow the contours of objects in the photograph;
• Drawing system RealBristle, which increases the degree of responsiveness of the brush to the movements of the artist and is the basis for digital painting;
• New tools that imitate pens;
• Large collection of paper textures;
• Improved support for Wacom tablets;
• Ability to undo up to 32 steps.

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Language: Multilanguage
File Size: 285 MB

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 10 – x64

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