Battle of Polytopia Mod APK v2.3.5.9230 (Unlocked)

The Battle of Polytopia APK Review

The Battle of Polytopia Mod APK Game is a turn-based strategy game where you choose a civilization and try to rule the world with it. To do this, at times you’ll need to enter into conflict with other civilizations, but usually, you just need technological development.

Features : 

  • Free turn based civilization strategy game.
  • Single & multiplayer strategy.
  • Multiplayer matchmaking (Find players all over the world)
  • Mirror Matches. (Meet opponents with the same tribe)
  • Multiplayer Real time view.
  • 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate)
  • Exploration, strategy, farming, building, warfare and technology research.
  • Three game modes – Perfection, Domination and Creative
  • Wide range of different tribes with unique nature, culture and game experience.
  • Auto generated maps make each game a new experience.
  • Allow offline game play.
  • Player Avatars.
  • Game play in portrait and landscape mode.
  • Strategy multiplayer & Pass & Play.
  • Leader board with top scores for the best civilization builders.
  • Really Cute low poly graphics.

Before beginning a game of The Battle of Polytopia, you have to choose the civilization you want to play with. All the factions are fictitious, but they’re openly inspired by real civilizations from history. You’ll find some that are similar to the Romans, Vikings, Samurai, Aztecs, and more.

One of the main points in The Battle of Polytopia is the excellent balance between simplicity and complexity throughout gameplay. Games from the 4X genre tend to be pretty complex, with a lot of concepts to learn and understand in order to be able to start enjoying the game. However, this game from Midjiwan manages to narrow down most of the fundamental concepts into an intelligent and elegant game that can be mastered in just a couple minutes. It’s also a real achievement in terms of design.

Once the game has started, it won’t take you more than five minutes to start doing everything the game requires: research new technologies, recruit soldiers, explore the world, fight against other civilizations, and of course, conquer cities. And all of this is done intuitively thanks to a perfect control system for touchscreens.

The Battle of Polytopia Mod APK is an excellent turn-based 4X (like Civilization or Master of Magic) that, unlike other games from the same genre for Android, is specially designed with mobile devices in mind. The result is an excellent game with lush low-poly graphics to boot.

Battle of Polytopia Mod APK
Battle of Polytopia Mod APK
Battle of Polytopia Mod APK


Tribe Skins added to the game.
– Hoodrick Yorthwober
– Bardur Baergøff
– Vengir Cultist

MOD info

Unlocked content from paid DLC (2 locations and 5 vehicle models);
After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the menu mod, in which you can unlock all locations and trucks in the free game (they are opened during the game progress).

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