Armed Heist Mod APK v2.7.4 (god mode)


Armed Heist: Shooting games APK Review

Armed Heist Mod APK Game is a third-person shooter where you take on the role of a professional bank robber. Your aim: to steal as much money as possible and get away with your life, which will require you to face off against the dozens of cops trying to take you down.

Game Features :

  • Customizable Weapon System – build the wildest, modified guns you could ever imagine! Pistols, shotguns, snipers & assault rifles! Get your arsenal as deadly as possible for the next bank robbery!
    Modify it with action-packed sights, suppressors, grips, barrels, stocks & killer skins! All of which will affect the performance of your weapon.
  • 3D Crime Map – A dynamic job database crime map of low security banks and armored trucks, lets you pick and choose what heist you want to pull today!
  • Dynamic Scenarios – Get ready for the thrill! In this tps online shooting game, no bank shooting challenge ever plays out the same way twice. Every single scenario will be different depending on your moves and gun skills.
  • Pimp Your Character – Create your own ruthless bank robber! Want to be a killer clown? X special forces? Maybe a badass gangster? Earn skins, masks, bulletproof vests & awesome outfits. High-quality 3D graphics and immersive gameplay make this third person shooter into an action-packed shootout!

The controls in Armed Heist are very well adapted to touchscreens. On the left side of the screen you have your virtual stick, and on the right your controls for your weapon. One of the most interesting novelties here is the dynamic coverage system, which lets you easily take cover behind any obstacle.

Starting out in Armed Heist all you have is a couple of weapons and a mask. Bit by bit as you play and steal money you can expand your arsenal with new machine guns, shotguns, pistols, and rifles. You can also get more than a dozen different masks.

Armed Heist Mod APK is an excellent TPS offering a game experience very similar to the Payday saga, but on Android operating systems. Plus the game has quite good graphics and offers a bunch of customization options.

Armed Heist Mod APK
Armed Heist Mod APK
Armed Heist Mod APK


We’re upgrading our Anti-cheat tools for Armed Heist, this is the first iteration of the new tools and we’ll be working on further tool updates to make our game as secure as possible for our players.

With this update we’re also concluding our tests between PVE and PVP, every player will be able to play both of these modes.

– We’ve improved our Anti-cheat tools in Armed Heist.

– “Heist news” pop-up window now pops up after the tutorial is completed.

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